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Episode 02 – Danny Doon – The Lockdown Lounge LIVE

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Episode 02 – Danny Doon

Venturing up from the Gold Coast mid-lockdown, local legend Danny Doon joins us at The Lockdown Lounge for some Thursday night Rockin!
🎸 Keep up with Danny on his page –

About Danny Doon

Dan Doon is a rock soloist, covering music from the 80’s through to todays hits, with Aus Rock being his forte’.
No matter the occasion Dan has played in back yards to town halls, Country gardens to beer gardens, bikie club houses to RSL clubs and more pubs than he can remember.
Yes there is not many venues he hasn’t seen the inside of over the course of his lasting career.
Starting out as a roadie for local Grafton (Northern NSW) bands, Danny soon discovered being a lighting trogg was cool, then transferring to sound guy, then crew boss. All fun things but then he discovered Bass guitar, then he found he had a voice. After that Guitar became the cool thing to learn.
Music producer with a new thing called midi files started his solo career.
Over the years he has bounced around in many sections of the Entertainment Industry, from running venues to touring with Children’s Theatre and Music Festivals, resident venue sound tech and venue tech installations.
Now living on the Gold Coast he is living the poor mans dream of being a full time musician, working all over South East Queensland and Northern NSW.