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The Lockdown Lounge Home

LDL Media & Design is a Brisbane-based media business that focuses on solutions specifically for artists. We provide media services and solutions specifically aimed at professional and semi-pro musicians, bands, DJ’s, actors, filmmakers, performing artists, and other creatives.

Streaming & Video

Professional Live Streams of Concerts, shows, performances, events, conferences and more.

We also produce professional music videos, advertising, promotional clips and motion graphics, event videos and stings.

eCommerce & Merch Store

A full end-to-end solution for local artists, bands, & musicians. We provide a total solution, from the design stage through to hosting, fulfillment, delivery and management.

Websites and Social Media

Design & hosting services for your own websites. We integrate our websites closely with social media and our eCommerce solutions. Making sure that if you decide to go ahead and have an official website – that it’s full of content to keep your fans and clients coming back.

Brand Consulting

We work directly with you. analyse your brand and your business model, then work with you to streamline workflows, enhance your image, and ensure that your brand cuts ahead of the rest in the online landscape.

The Lockdown Lounge

With the early (and lengthy) shutdown of the hospitality and entertainment industries – a pair of freshly out-of-work local musicians decided to find a way to keep the music alive, help out their mates and colleagues, and try and bring a little bit of joy into people’s lives in this time of worldwide uncertainty.

Continue Reading The Lockdown Lounge operating LIVE from Irish Murphy's Brisbane during Lockdown 2020.

The Team

Matt Murtagh

Matt Murtagh

Specialising in web design, graphic design and social media.

His enterprise IT administration background also means that he is just the person you need and can rely on to manage backend operations such as hosting, ecommerce, and integration tools.

Matt is also your contact for anything Lockdown Lounge and live streaming.

Stephen Green

Stephen Green

Specialising in Videography, Photography and your go-to for all things video.

Trained and fully qualified in film and video editing, Steve knows how to get those shots looking prime so you get the best possible clips.

Prior to our post-lockdown business model, Stephen previously was in partnership with Matt in Screaming Llama Productions.

Scott Kefford

Ensuring you get the best production behind your performance

Owner of MixManiac Sound & Lighting, Scotty has been working with the LDL team since we broke out of the room into venues. Consistently delivering high-quality, professional production for all acts, Scott is our go-to production guy, the results speak for themselves.

Check out MixManiac Sound & Lighting on Facebook here.