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About Us

The Lockdown Lounge Story

The Lockdown Lounge ran almost nightly from March – September 2020 streaming local live music in a professional format to fans during lockdown.  The show began it’s humble beginnings in a shed in the back of the creators’ residence – with a COVID-safe plan, and isolated and socially-distanced setup allowing artists to arrive, connect, and be streamed whilst keeping within lockdown rules.

The show kicked off with huge popularity and success, as we recruited some of Brisbane’s most popular local artists to perform weekly.  The show became more of an online meeting place, just like your local pub… except virtually.

As we progressed through lockdown and things started to ease, the LDL had gained such a repore with a specific group of artists and locals, that we decided to start to put the artists back on stage.  We approached some venues, and Brisbane’s Irish Murphy’s agreed to allow us to run the show from the venue while still closed.  This was the beginning of our Takeover Series – which also ran 4 nights a week up until (and even after) venues began to open again.

Adding another dimension to live music venues

With the early (and lengthy) shutdown of the hospitality and entertainment industries – a pair of freshly out-of-work local musicians decided to find a way to keep the music alive, help out their mates and colleagues, and try and bring a little bit of joy into people’s lives in this time of worldwide uncertainty.

The plan: to create a friendly, familiar, and safe space for local musicians to continue to play and perform, as well as keep in contact with their fans, friends, families, locals, and colleagues.


A small DIY studio, built on-premise in a barn, a stage provided by a local venue, and a complex and unique custom technology setup serves as the biggest stage set for Brisbane’s professional musicians.


Almost daily it serves as the place to go to interact, the place to catch your mates, the place to go have a beer and listen to some tunes. The place to go to catch “the regular” that you’ve been seeing every week for 10 years down at the pub… It serves as the place to get that little taste of normality.

The Future of The Lockdown Lounge

The Lockdown Lounge is now part of the streaming component of our business (LDL Media & Design).  We will continue to host occasional streams and special events on the page, however the day-to-day streaming has now come to an end.

If you want to see your favourite artists play, then head out and support them as well as the venues that support the industry by seeing them LIVE in venue!